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    With more than 70 years of history, Lancaster Mennonite High School is known to be one of the top private high schools in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania region for an excellent college preparation program. LMH consistently performs above national average for SAT scores and its graduates have enrolled in prestigious universities like Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and University of Pennsylvania among others.

    LMH offers a rigorous college preparation program from grades 9 through 12, including an English as second language course designed for international students. Students can choose from an extensive choice of courses including Honors and Advanced Placement modules for a more challenging curriculum and to earn college credits. With Advanced Placement courses, LMH students can actually complete a year of college in high school.

    In LMH, students have access to outstanding opportunities in visual artsperforming arts, athletics and clubs as part of the college preparation program, enabling them to benefit from a well-rounded educational experience.

    top private high school FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS

    As one of the top boarding schools in this region, LMH offers a great opportunity for students to prepare for the increased independence and responsibility of college life, and to share their own unique background and experiences with others. LMH has two on-campus dormitories, Graybill Hall and Millstream Hall (opened in February 2015). Many international students feel that the LMH boarding program was among the most significant parts of their US education. Local agencies partner with the school to arrange homestays for those who prefer living with American host families.

    LMH is located in the beautiful, safe and cultured Lancaster County, PA  just 7 train stops away from Philadelphia. Situated on a 95-acre college-like campus, LMH students enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, sports fields and dormitories.

    While offering a strong college preparation program and excellent facilities, LMH endeavors to keep its tuition fee at an affordable rate. This is what makes Lancaster Mennonite High School consistently one of the top private high schools in the Lancaster region of the United States.


    International students may also choose to attend high school at the Hershey Campus in Hershey, PA, that offers a smaller, more intimate setting. For information about the Hershey Campus, CLICK HERE.