• Educational Program

    Regarded as one of the best US high schools for international students, LMH is a private high school with academic excellence. It provides an outstanding educational experience to develop skills and character that propel the students towards success in college and beyond.

    High School with Academic Excellence

    LMH offers 150 courses, including 24 Advanced Placement, other college-level and Honors courses to support the students’ individual abilities, interests and goals. With a low student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1, LMH’s exceptional faculty is committed to providing quality education to help students discover their strengths and prepare well for college.

    College Preparation

    College preparation begins as soon as the student enrolls in LMH. Under the direction of the Guidance Department, students are encouraged to take courses that are relevant to their interests and goals, including those that provide sufficient challenge to stretch their minds and abilities. Advanced Placement courses are important to show colleges the rigor of the students’ curriculum as well as to enable them to earn college credits. With Advanced Placement courses, LMH students can actually complete a year of college at high school.

    All-rounded Experience

    LMH students are encouraged to participate actively in volunteer services, athletics, arts and other co-curricular activities for an all-rounded experience that colleges value. A highlight of LMH’s educational program are the mini-courses that provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences like sailing the Yangtze River in China, playing soccer in Costa Rica, doing a cross-cultural program in Argentina or climbing the Grand Canyon, among others. International students are motivated to make the best of the outstanding opportunities provided by LMH.

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    International students may also choose to attend high school at the Hershey Campus in Hershey, PA, that offers a smaller, more intimate setting. For information about the Hershey Campus, CLICK HERE.