• Business & IT


    The purpose of this course is to improve computerized keyboarding skills. In addition to learning correct keyboarding techniques, emphasis is placed on developing speed and accuracy. Students are introduced to Microsoft Word and learn to format documents including letters, reports and tables.
    First or second semester for grades 9-12.

    Introduction to Business

    This course is a basic business course which introduces students to the world of business. Topics will include the business environment, forms of business organization, management and leadership, human resources, and financial management. Meets requirement for Economics in the Social Studies Department. First semester for grades 9-12.

    Business Math

    This course will strengthen the student’s everyday math skills. Students review fundamental math principles. Calculations will be learned that apply to business applications, including income, manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution. This course may count as 0.5 math credit. First semester for grades 10-12.

    Personal Finance

    Concepts of personal financial management are examined from a Christian perspective. Emphasis is placed on career choice, preparing budgets, keeping personal income and expense records, completing simple tax returns, using credit, and understanding banking. Investments and risk management will be explored. This course may count as 0.5 math credit. Second semester for grades 10-12.

    Financial Accounting

    This introductory accounting class introduces students to the principles of the double-entry system. Principles studied in this course are related to established accounting systems of the modern office. This course serves as a good background course for college accounting. The computer is used to introduce students to automated accounting. Year course for grades 10-12.

    Advanced Accounting

    Opportunity is provided for advanced study of accounting concepts for students considering employment in an office or further education. This course develops a better understanding of accounting principles as applied to the world of business. Prerequisite: Financial Accounting. First semester for grades 11-12.
    Computer Applications Students will become familiar with computer hardware, Windows, and Microsoft Office Professional software package. Students will learn skills needed to use word processing, database management, spreadsheets, graphics and presentation software. This class may count as 0.5 credit of math. First semester for grades 10-12.

    Advanced Computer Applications

    This course is a continuation of the Computer Applications class. Students will learn advanced concepts of using Microsoft Office Professional as well as gain experience in producing documents for school activities. Students will be introduced to web page design. Prerequisite: Computer Applications. Second semester for grades 10-12.

    Business Law

    The importance of business law in everyday life is emphasized and provides practical guidelines for becoming practical consumers – both now and later. Topics covered are an introduction to law, contracts, bailments, employment, and property. A variety of application activities are provided to help reinforce legal principles studied. Second semester for grades 11-12.


    This course will teach students the skills needed to establish and manage a business and the characteristics required of a successful entrepreneur. Students will study and develop a business plan. Other topics studied include marketing, distribution, promotion, selling, financial management, and operations management. Second semester for grades 11-12.