• Family and Consumer

    Foods & Nutrition I

    This course is an introduction to food preparation, cooking techniques, equipment and fundamental nutrition concepts. A variety of learning experiences including projects, experiments and cooking labs are used to reinforce concepts. Nutrition as it relates to present eating habits and health concerns are studied. Meal preparation, presentation and styles of service are exemplified in Christmas and Spring Teas, apple pie contests and home meal projects. Minimum lab fee is $40. First or second semester for grades 9-12.

    Foods & Nutrition II

    Units of study include yeast breads, international foods, meal planning, fast foods, gourmet cooking and nutrition issues among others. Group research projects, labs, and a field trip expose students to advanced food preparation techniques, food consumerism and world food issues. Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition I, except for seniors who must have instructor’s approval. Minimum lab fee is $45. Second semester course for grades 11-12.

    Nutritional Science

    Nutritional Science, also known as Food Science, is the study of the production, processing, preparation, evaluation and utilization of food. It is based on many other areas of science such as chemistry, biology, physics, and psychology (none of these areas are prerequisites to take the course.) Nutritional Science includes food labs to reinforce the study of the basic nutrients, leavening agents, fermentation, food safety and sanitation. This includes the use of scientific methods in laboratory experiments and food labs. Minimum lab fee is $35. Counts as 0.5 credit of science. First semester for grades 10-12.

    Chinese Culinary Arts

    This is an introductory course that focuses on the basic knowledge of Chinese culinary arts and healthy lifestyle. The course will cover basic nutrition of Chinese food (such as nutrients, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins), basic theories and methods of cooking, terminology, safe and sanitary kitchen practices and lifestyle, history of Chinese cooking, food ingredients and their function, and prevention of food contamination. Lab work and video presentation will covver Chinese cuisines and popular Chinese holiday dishes. It will compare Western foods and preparation to Chinese foods and preparation. Also techniques (measurement, scaling, use of utensils), hospitality, human longevity, impact on the environment, and doctor services and systems will be studied. First or second semester course for grades 9-12.

    Child Development

    This course is for students considering a child care/education career or becoming a mother/father someday. Physical, mental, emotional and social development of a child from conception to age 6 are studied. Special topics covered include pregnancy, birth, discipline, play, TV, child abuse, nutrition, and children with special needs. Story time once a week as well as a preschool implemented at the end of the course are planned by the classes and are open to community participation. Second semester for grades 11-12.

    Fashion & Design

    An introduction to the study of apparel design, merchandising and consumerism, this course will emphasize basic elements of clothing design and construction with insights into career possibilities in this field. Students will study history of fashion, merchandising strategies, textile fundamentals, elementary pattern making and equipment usage, culminating with the construction of three original garments which will be presented and modeled at a fashion show. Minimum lab fee is $40. First semester for grades 10-12.

    Housing & Interior Decorating

    This course helps students design a future “home.” Included are housing designs and cultural influences on them, current and historic house styles, floor plans and furniture selection with an emphasis on current trends in home decorating. Career possibilities are explored. The use of the principles and elements of design in housing and interior decorating are utilized in the final presentation sample board. Second semester for grades 10-12 in alternate years. Offered 2015-16.

    Creative Crafts

    This course encourages students to combine creativity with basic skills and techniques of sewing, basket weaving, stenciling, cake decorating, flower arranging, embroidery (hand and machine), quilting, candle making and mosaic tile, etc. Minimum lab fee is $45. First semester course for grades 9-12 in alternate years. Offered 2014-15.