• Excellent College Preparation

    LMH is noted for its excellent college preparation program for international students. Lancaster Mennonite students consistently surpass national average for SAT scores every year. Close to 40% of the international students are accepted into colleges ranked in the top 5% across the country. LMH’s rigorous college preparation program has enabled its international students to enroll in prestigious universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, University of Illinois, University of California, University of Washington and Pennsylvania State University, among others.

    Excellent College Preparation

    LMH’s Guidance Department oversees the college preparation program and is dedicated to helping students on course selection from grades nine to 12. With a wide selection of 150 courses, it can be a daunting task for the students to select the right courses to match their strengths and interests. Each international student is assigned a school counsellor to guide him/her through the rigorous process of course selection as well as to prepare for college application in their junior and senior years.

    To get accepted into a good college, students are encouraged to select a rigorous curriculum with Honors and Advanced Placement courses. With Advanced Placement courses, LMH students can potentially earn enough college credits to complete a year of college at high school. They are also required to participate actively in co-curricular activities and community services to build a strong college application. The Guidance Department administers several merit awards to recognize students with strong academic performances, leadership and community service contributions. These awards are valuable to college applications.

    Along with the college planning process, a wealth of information on college ranking, courses and admissions requirements are made available to students. Seminars and one-on-one meetings with the students’ counsellors are held regularly to guide them in college applications. The Guidance Department also organizes career talks and visits to selected universities like University of Pennsylvania.

    For more information on excellent college preparation, please contact Kirk Benner, Director of Guidance at bennerkr@lancastermennonite.org.

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    International students may also choose to attend high school at the Hershey Campus in Hershey, PA, that offers a smaller, more intimate setting. For information about the Hershey Campus, CLICK HERE.