• Top Boarding School


    Equipped with two on-campus dormitories, Graybill Hall and Millstream Hall (opened in February 2015), LMH is reputed to be a leading private high school for international students in this region. Its boarding program offers a great opportunity for students to prepare for the increased independence and responsibility of college life, and to share their own unique background and experiences. Many international students feel that the LMH boarding program was among the most significant parts of their US education.

    Approximately 50 students currently live in the dormitory. They are a diverse group of students from Pennsylvania and surrounding states, as well as numerous other countries such as China, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Japan, Vietnam and Belarus.


    The dormitories have adults serving as resident advisors to provide supervision and guidance. A “dorm council” comprising residential students provides them with leadership opportunities to create a community that is caring and cohesive. The four-day boarding program caters to those who can spend weekends with a host family, while the seven-day boarding program includes room and board for weekends.  All of these features and more make Lancaster Mennonite School truly a top boarding school.


    International students may also choose to attend high school at the Hershey Campus in Hershey, PA, that offers a smaller, more intimate setting. For information about the Hershey Campus, CLICK HERE.