Curriculum Guide

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Advanced Placement

Challenging university-level courses, including classes taught by professors from EMU, Messiah College, and HACC.

Agriculture Science & Technology

Provides opportunities for learning in the applied sciences, technology and business environment.


As a means of communication, the visual arts enable a student to observe, explore, and respond to life through media.

Bible & Church History

Designed to teach biblical truth and strengthen Christian convictions.

Business, Computer & Information Tech

Designed to meet the students' personal and career objectives, preparing students for the world of work.


The study of language arts develops the communication skills students will need in their work place.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

Serving students who are learning English as a non-native language.

Family & Consumer Sciences

Designed to increase students' knowledge and skills in the area of human development and relationships.

Health, Safety, & Physical Education

Study of the physical and psychological person will instill in students a meaningful understanding of themselves.

Academic Support

Ensuring that students who learn differently are given a chance to realize their full academic potential.


Used in science and technology and is a basic tool for logical reasoning and decision-making processes.


An art form expressed in composing, performing, participating and listening.


A way of discovery that provides for intellectual stimulation and development.

Social Studies

A global emphasis on the appreciation of heritage and cultural diversity that can be found in our world.

Technology Education

Emphasizing the wise use of resources, applications of technology, and innovative ways of using technology.

World Languages

Learning to communicate with people of other languages and understanding their way of life are essential skills.