Bible & Church History

The Bible curriculum at Lancaster Mennonite is designed to teach biblical truth, strengthen Christian convictions and assist youth in their faith journey. God is recognized as Creator of the universe. The message of God’s power and faithfulness is presented through the biblical story. We believe God’s ultimate revelation has come in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Students are challenged to make Jesus both Savior and Lord of their lives. Students learn how the Church grew . from a small group of believers in Palestine into the global body of Christ. Similarities and differences of Christianity’s major branches are surveyed to discern their fundamental tenants of faith. The Sermon on the Mount and the Epistles become foundational as students are called to personal faith and a life of peacemaking, servanthood and mission.

Creation & Promise

Grade 9

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Jesus' Story

Grade 10

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Global Christianity

Grade 11

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Kingdom Living

Grade 12

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Intro to Bible

Grade 9-12

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Spiritual Formation

Grades 9-12

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