I like LM because of the warm and friendly students and teachers.

Although there are many students here, we still have the opportunity to meet and interact when we come together during the chapel period. The teachers are very nice, approachable and fair. What I like a lot is the number of international students here. I enjoy the opportunity to share about my culture with the local and international students as well as learn about theirs. Overall, it has been an interesting and enriching experience for me.”

- Kazusa Ajiro, Japan – Global Student Program (Tokyo Metropolitan School Board)

"My time in LM has been most rewarding...

The friends, teachers, and staff are all a testimony of God’s blessings in my life. I have grown in character and in my abilities in music, drama, sports, studies and most of all, in my walk with God. I love the diversity of people I encounter and the atmosphere of warmth and friendliness throughout the campus. Being at LM has been a wonderful part of my life that I thank God for.”

Kimberley Ann Vun, Singapore
– Class of 2015, enrolled in Boston University

"LM's teachers have had a positive impact on me.

LM's teachers cared about me. Teachers like, Mr. Duane Evans (AP Chem) and Mr. Jon Metzler have positively impacted me and helped prepare me after LM, as I am currently in Doctor of Pharmacy School studying at Purdue University.

Kyunghyun Kim, South Korea
– LM Alumnus, Purdue University College of Pharmacy

Attending LM was a good choice for me!

The school gave me a lot of opportunities to learn a different culture and improve my English, which is very important to my future. I made a lot of friends who helped me with the language and with the homework. The teachers and students are really nice; they’re friendly, and they help you if you don’t understand. I’m happy for my amazing friends in the school community that helped make my experiences here unforgettable. I’m very thankful for my host family and am especially thankful to my parents who gave me this opportunity.”

- Gonzalo Reyes, Chile – Class of 2017

“LM is a place where diversity and service are important.

The variety of sports, clubs, and other opportunities make LM stand out. The chapels are very enlightening and spiritually enriching. I have grown in my relationship with God and have become a better person. The diversity is what made me love LM even more. I have made friends from all around the world. This has been especially catalyzed by the International Students Association. I have been a part of the ISA as a committee member and it has been the most meaningful experience of my life. I can truly see God working through LM.”

Yokabed Jekale, Ethiopia
– LM Alumna, Messiah College

“I am thankful for the wonderful time I had at LM...

and truly appreciate the warm and welcoming environment created by the faculty and students. I noticed many cultures represented in the school and admire the richness in diversity. I was able to participate in multiple events like the Talent Show, Play Night to raise funds for kids with cancer, various sports programs, and club activities. During my time here, I have learned a lot thanks to all the people I interacted with including the chapel speakers. I strongly recommend students to come to LM to experience this for themselves.”

Patrik Kehler, Paraguay
– 2014 Exchange Student

I came as an exchange student from Colombia and my experience at LM has been great!

The Christian environment, the high quality of the faculty, staff and students stand out. LM offers so many different options for academic courses and athletics. I recommend LM to those who are looking for a high quality education and a friendly place at the same time.”

- Juan David Gomez, Columbia – 2014 Exchange Student

"In LM, I find myself motivated to pursue my future goals!

More important than the variety of courses offered by LM, such a Christian community is essential to my spiritual growth. The students here are not only nurtured by the academic excellence of the faculty but also the character they practice as role models for us to become light of the world. In LM, I find myself motivated to pursue my future goals through interacting with teachers and students. As we immerse in such cultural diversity, we are also learning how to become global Christians.”

Grace Li Jiayi, China
– LM Alumna, Rutgers University

“LM has changed and will continue to change my life!

Without the friendship and tremendous support I received from the school community, I wouldn’t have changed from a shy international student to one who can converse confidently with my American friends. I am truly thankful for the faculty and classmates who have helped me through the past four years. I hope that more students will come to LM for a wonderful experience like the one I had.”

Janice Ling, Hong Kong
– LM Alumna, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

The teachers at LM have a great impact on my life!

They have helped me build my self- confidence and encouraged me to dream and work towards what I want to be in the future. LM is an extraordinary school which helped me succeed by believing in this principle – If you can dream it, you can do it.”

- Estella Fan Xinyuan, China – LM Alumna, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Sciences

“LM has been my home since I first came here to the U.S. in 2012.

The school has given me many opportunities to challenge myself as a leader and helped me to become a better person. I have been highly motivated by many people that I have great fortunes to meet from the faculty to the students. The variety of classes and organizations has also taught me many life lessons that I would treasure forever.”

Vy Ho, Vietnam
– LM Alumna, Messiah College

"LM's welcoming community and skilled teachers has prepared me to pursue advanced music study.

“I still remember my first day at LM. I was afraid of the strange environment, I only knew my piano professor — Dr. Pan in the Advanced Music Program. As I gradually got to know the LM community, I started to not feel lonely anymore…because of them, I had a beautiful high school life.”

Jingjing’s experiences in LM’s Advanced Music Program left such a strong impact on her that she decided to study Music Education at Millersville University. Not only has she taught elementary students in her hometown of Xinjiang, she currently works as a student teacher at LM's elementary campus, assisting in music classes. “Creativity is at the heart of music making.” she says. “I enjoy every little moment in our music classroom; I am happy to see my students are improving and growing up healthy and happy. “

Jingjing Zhang
- LM Alumna, Millersville University