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At Lancaster Mennonite, your experience outside of the classroom is just as important as it is inside. Along with academic excellence, LM provides an extensive selection of student activities in fine and performing arts, sports, and student associations for a well-rounded educational experience that colleges value. Clubs, activities, and service are also essential in creating a social and cultural experience which fosters student leadership, community involvement, and personal growth.

Lancaster Campus Info

The LM campus is located on a wooded, college-like, 95-acre campus just east of Lancaster City. There are two dormitories and several state of the art academic, athletic, and art centers for local and international students to learn, share, and engage.

“LM is a place where diversity and service are important.

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The variety of sports, clubs, and other opportunities make LM stand out. The chapels are very enlightening and spiritually enriching. I have grown in my relationship with God and have become a better person. The diversity is what made me love LM even more. I have made friends from all around the world. This has been especially catalyzed by the International Students Association. I have been a part of the ISA as a committee member and it has been the most meaningful experience of my life. I can truly see God working through LM."

- Yokabed Jekale, Ethiopia – LM Alumna, Messiah College

Strong Athletics Programs

in an encouraging atmosphere

Through athletic training, students develop skills, team spirit, and character to prepare for success in college. At LM we offer a full range of indoor and outdoor sports.

Music, Drama, & Fine Arts

in a creative environment

From studio sketches to on-stage performances, LM offers a wide range of groups and classes. Through these classes, teachers provide students with tools and techniques to refine skills and hone in on specific talents. Students will expand these skills by working with a blank canvas or empty stage to create artistic pieces or a full production. LM has an established reputation for excellence in choral music, an award-winning drama program, and nationally decorated artists.

Engaging Clubs & Associations to Join

Altogether, LM offers more than 45 clubs and organizations to create a social and cultural experience which fosters student leadership, community involvement, and personal growth. Visit the link below to view an extensive list of the club and associations offered at LM.

"My time in LM has been most rewarding...

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The friends, teachers, and staff are all a testimony of God’s blessings in my life. I have grown in character and in my abilities in music, drama, sports, studies and most of all, in my walk with God. I love the diversity of people I encounter and the atmosphere of warmth and friendliness throughout the campus. Being at LM has been a wonderful part of my life that I thank God for.”

- Kimberley Ann Vun, Singapore – Class of 2015, enrolled in Boston University

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