Living Accommodations

Make the choice

between homestay and dorm living

Being in a residence hall/dormitory with other international students can be a great experience. However, students who stay with host families become more immersed in the language and culture. Also, host families treat their students as family members – involving them in activities, excursions, and household responsibilities.

Lancaster Accommodations

Homestay and dorm living option.

Dorm Living

increased independence and responsibility

Lancaster is equipped with two on-campus dormitories, Graybill Hall and Millstream Hall. The dormitories have adults serving as resident advisors to provide supervision and guidance. A “dorm council” comprised of residential students provides an opportunity for leadership roles.


independence on campus

Residential students have access to facilities on campus, such as the sports center and library. The dormitories are also within walking distance of several restaurants, shopping malls, banks, convenience stores, and hair salons.

LM has been my home since I first came here to the US in 2012.

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The school has given me many opportunities to challenge myself as a leader and helped me to become a better person. I have been highly motivated by many people that I have great fortunes to meet from the faculty to the students. The variety of classes and organizations has also taught me many life lessons that I would treasure forever.

- Vy Ho, Vietnam – LM Alumna, Messiah College


developing life-long connections abroad

Host families are available at both campuses for students who prefer an enriching experience living with an American family and learning the culture. Host families are arranged through local agencies in the US which match students with registered host families. Each qualified host family must pass a selective screening process, undergo a thorough background check, an interview and home visit from the local agencies to ensure they are suited to welcome international students into their family and home.

Locating a host family

for a home away from home

LM does not arrange for host families or homestays. School policy is that all host families of LM students must be arranged and supervised by an approved local agency. If students do not have an approved agency overseeing and providing support to their host family, they will be required to board in the school residence hall.

I’m very thankful for my host family and am especially thankful to my parents who gave me this opportunity.

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Attending LM was a good choice for me. The school gave me a lot of opportunities to learn a different culture and improve my English, which is very important to my future. I made a lot of friends who helped me with the language and with the homework. The teachers and students are really nice; they’re friendly, and they help you if you don’t understand. I’m happy for my amazing friends in the school community that helped make my experiences here unforgettable.

- Gonzalo Reyes, Chile – Class of 2017