• Bible and Church History

    Introduction to Bible

    This course is designed to introduce international students to the Bible. Topics include navigation of the Bible, the God of the Bible, the rise of Christianity as a religion, and the concept of Church and Christian celebrations. In this course students will learn of key stories from the Old and New Testaments. First or second semester course for first-year international students. 0.5 credit

    Creation & Promise

    In this Old Testament course students are introduced to the story of God calling out, and working with His people, from creation through the return from exile. Required. First or second semester for grade 9.
    Jesus’ Story This New Testament course focuses on the life of Christ and His mission in the world. It takes a serious look at the life and teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, how the early church lived out these teachings, and then seeks to find practical applications for Christians today. Required. First or second semester for grade 10.

    Global Christianity

    This class is a study of Global Christianity from the birth of the church through the formation of Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox and other non-Western Christian faith streams, and the Reformation with an emphasis on the rise of the Anabaptist movement. This is followed by a study of the development and growth of the Anabaptist movement in North America and around the globe, other denominations, the rise of non-denominational churches and the Pentecostal movement. The class examines the current relationship between Christianity and culture, including other world religions, in settings around the world. Students are helped to understand their faith as they study Christianity in a global context. Required. First or second semester for grade 11.

    Kingdom Living

    This course expounds on the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount as developed in the Epistles, making relevant concepts of discipleship and justice. Included are lifestyle and ethical issues as persons are challenged to be in, but not of, the world. Required. First or second semester for grade 12.

    Kingdom Living II

    For seniors with a “B” or higher average. This course may be taken instead of Kingdom Living. In this honors level course students will have the opportunity to explore in-depth, major Biblical themes as well as questions related to living in the Kingdom of God. Course content will include such things as: the nature of God’s Kingdom, redemption, Christian ethics, lifestyle issues, etc. Course requirements will center on each student doing in-depth exploration into one of the course themes and presenting the findings to the class. First or second semester for grade 12.