• Music


    Class Open to all students. It is highly recommended for Junior Chorale, Vocal Ensemble, or Campus Chorale members. Emphasis is placed upon proper singing technique. Song literature includes many different styles. Student may be asked to purchase their own music. A public recital concludes the course. It is recommended that students take Exploring Music before taking this course. First semester for grades 9-12.

    Music Theory I

    Opens the doors of music to students, taking what they know and have experience in music and adding the fun of discovering how music is put together. Students examine how to get the most from music, all the ways it can be used (listening, performing, composing) and music history. Students will learn to create short songs. In order to be successful member of Vocal Ensemble or Campus Chorale or in order to take AP Music, students should take this course. First semester for grades 9-12.

    Music Theory II

    For students who have solid background in music. The course deals with all aspects of music, especially chord structure, voice leading, cadences, texture, and analysis. Students will work at keybaord proficiency as part of this course. Students are strongly encouraged to be engaged in vocal or instrumental performance. Students will be encouraged to compose a significant work and will have access to Finale software for composing. Taking the Advanced Placement Music exam is an option after completing this course. Prerequisite: Music Theory I or equivalent. Second semester for grades 11-12.


    Class For beginning guitar study. Each student is asked to purchase a text and have his/her own acoustic guitar. It is advisable to take Exploring Music or its equivalent before taking this course. Seconde semester for grades 10-12.

    Piano Lab

    An introductory piano course. Students would benefit from taking Music Theory I or its equivalent before coming into the class. Student will be asked to pay for the text. Student may be asked to work independently. Student will be expected to play in a recital. Second semester for grades 9-12.

    School Musical

    Entrance is by audition. Activities are directed toward public performances. There will be after school rehearsals throughout the semester and especially during the last two weeks before a performance as well as several weekends earlier in the semester. Students help build set, collect props and set lights as needed. Regular attendance at rehearsal is absolutely essential to a good performance. A co-curricular activity; not offered as a class. Second semester for grades 9-12.

    Concert Choir

    A non-auditioned choir. In addition to singing good choral literature and preparing for performances, emphasis is placed on proper habits for singers, sight-reading music skills, and choral blend. The group may perform in several church programs besides the school concerts. Regular attendance at rehearsals is essential for good ensemble work. Participation in all scheduled concerts is expected. Year course for grades 9-12.

    Campus Chorale

    Admission is by audition. Members are chosen on the basis of musical and vocal ability, personal discipline, and spiritual maturity. Campus Chorale is the main performing choir of LMH and gives programs in local churches, participates in the Mennonite School Council (MSC) Choir Festival and an adjudicated choir festival. Members are required to participate in all scheduled performances unless specifically excused by the director. Choir members are expected to pay for their own choir outfits, as well as any other fees related to the Campus Chorale. Regular attendance at rehearsals is essential. Year course for grades 11-12.

    LMH Men’s Chorus

    Meets daily and sings all styles of music, from barbershop, African-American spirituals, folk and show tunes to standard men’s arrangements according to the ability of the group. Members of the choir will need to be in regular attendance at rehearsals and at concerts which are agreed upon. Second semester for grades 10-12.

    String Orchestra

    Open to students from grades 9-12 by audition. The string orchestra rehearses four periods a week and meets with the symphony orchestra once a week.

    Concert Band

    Open to students from grades 9-12 by audition. Concert band rehearses twice a week and meets with the symphony orchestra once a week. Sections which have too many instruments for the orchestra may be asked to work as separate ensembles.

    Jazz Ensemble

    Meets twice a week opposite the Concert Band rehearsals. Members of the jazz ensemble who play wind instruments normally must also be members of the concert band. The pep band is comprised of Jazz Ensemble members. Regular attendance at rehearsals and any agreed upon concerts is expected.