Advanced Studio Program

A Cooperative Program

for Gifted/Talented High School Musicians

Lancaster Mennonite School offers advanced music study.

Program Option

High School Degree Program

This is a multi-year music program for students who wish to complete their high school diploma while studying music with college professors. Successful completion of grades 9-12 in combination with 4 years of music study will result in a High School Diploma from LM as well as a Certificate of Music. The music curriculum satisfies the requirements for both the high school diploma as well as the Certificate in Music.

Courses Offered

These courses are offered every year:

Private Lessons: 1 hour/per week

Chamber Music and/or Ensemble: 2 or 5 hour/per week


These courses can be elected through the years:

Theory/Solfège: 2 hour/per week

History: 2 hour/per week

Composition: 1 hour/per week

The awarding of the Performance Certificate will be based on a passing grade in Theory/Solfège, History and Music Composition. Additionally, students must perform in 2 Solo Recitals (1 half recital and 1 full recital) before they graduate.